Swimming pools definitely add beauty and value to one’s home – but they are also major energy users. So it is important that these are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. In fact, many people prefer environment-friendly pools and fortunately, with today’s modern technology and facilities, both existing and newly built swimming pools can now be made eco-friendly.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Swimming Pools  bledisloeenergy.com.au

Swimming pools that are energy efficient are not only beneficial to the environment but to pool owners as well. So if you are thinking about getting yourself a new pool or if you are planning to remodel an existing one, then here are some reasons why energy efficiency is a major consideration:

• Save money. Pools that use variable speed pumps and pool covers can cut energy costs up to 30%. A pool cover can also keep your swimming pool warm, which means that you will no longer have to worry about your heating costs and electric bills. Most of all, you can save your money for future use. However, you should also do your part by purchasing the right equipment and observing energy conservation habits and proper maintenance.

• Conserve water. swimming pools usually lose heat and water through evaporation. So to prevent these from occurring and to be able to conserve water, a cover can be essential.

• Get incentives and rebates. To motivate pool owners to shift to eco-friendly pools by purchasing energy-efficient pool appliances, incentives and rebates are offered depending on the State.

Tips on Pool Re-modelling for Energy Efficiency

To make your pool more energy proficient, pool remodeling may be necessary. Purchasing the appropriate equipment and exercising maintenance routines are indispensable steps for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of energy efficient concrete pools.

Here are some tips on how you can make your pool more energy efficient:

• Install a smaller but with higher efficiency pump and use it less. Newer energy proficient pumps typically use 30-45% less power than the regular ones and they operate at variable speeds that will suit your needs. Thus, you can reduce the speed during ordinary days and set the settings higher when exhaustive cleaning is necessary. The pump also circulates the water, keeping it clean, clear and chemically balanced. This lessens the costs for cleaning and filtration.

• Use a cover. This technique conserves both heat and water since they are usually lost through evaporation. The cover can keep the pool 10 degrees warmer, reducing heating costs by as much as 90 percent. It also keeps the water clean, cutting down cleaning expenses and the filter can be used less often, conserving energy as well.

• Aside from the cover, you can also reduce heating costs and take pleasure in comfortable water temperature by making use of solar energy. This is definitely one of the most economical techniques used to achieve energy efficiency. Your pool can be positioned in an area in your backyard that is well-exposed to sunlight. You should also assess wind direction and certain structures that may cause windbreak.

• Utilise timers for your heater and pump so that they can function in numerous short cycles throughout the day instead of a continuous operation.

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