Dorling Kindersley are world renowned for publishing the best quality reference books and their Human Body Encyclopaedia aimed at kids is no exception. It is the perfect basic anatomy book for kids with just the right amount of detail. With DK reference books you get quality and reliable information presented in an engaging and colourful manner. Throughout the 127 pages text is presented in a variety of fonts and sizes so readers often find new information each time they reread the book or even as they get older and their reading skills develop. There are even test questions along the base of pages with answers upside down on the facing page e.g. What do we call the study of the human bod y? Anatomy or Where is the body’s smallest muscle? In the ear.

The illustrations provide an excellent balance between scientific sketches and diagrams, cartoons, photographs, x-rays and magnified images from an electron microscope. The book has special features that will show you how to get your hands on as much information as possible! Use the “become an expert” buttons to find out more about a subject on other pages. Special text features include circles that show close-up images you might not otherwise be able to see. Coloured discs contain facts about special topics. “Get into it” activity buttons show you how you can try things out for yourself.

• Human body
• Skeleton and bones
• Moving muscles
• Brain and senses
• Heart and Blood
• Lungs and breathing
• Skin, nails and hair
• Fighting disease
• Digestive system
• Urinary system
• Reproduction and growth
• Life cycle
• Keeping healthy
• Communication

The last ten pages are a reference section containing amazing facts about YOU!, anatomy through the ages, a glossary and index.

Showing what’s inside the human body and how things fit and work together, the Human Body Encyclopedia is packed with fascinating facts and spectacular close-up photographs that make the subject accessible and fun. The book covers every part of the body from the major body systems to individual cells in language which is highly accessible to young children.

I highly recommend this book for a homeschooling family (for first grade) or just for any parent with kids who want to know how their bodies work. The publishers recommended age level is 4 – 8 years old and is guaranteed to intrigue children as young as 4, and even appeal to children aged 11 or older. It’s full of just the sort of information inquisitive youngsters want to know, presented in a way that’s both educational and entertaining. There is a full range of DK Encyclopaedias covering topics of Space, Nature, Dinosaurs, Science and Animals as well as an Atlas, Dictionary and General Encyclopaedia. All school libraries should have a set of these excellent quality reference titles from DK.

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