Being a member of SaleHoo, an online business directory seems to be the main reason for ease and connections in the online selling business. This directory has given its members benefits that will spell a lifetime of advantages for a seller online. As it was a couple of years ago when SaleHoo started, the membership fee, which is a one time deal for a lifetime is still $67. Once you are a member, you are not compelled to pay any other fee to access its services. Starting out with this primary feature, SaleHoo has prepared its members a package of benefits that can be availed by both the old and seasoned business people, and the amateur or novice who started up with just a few dollars to their name.

Included in the directory are the basic needs of a seller which are: dropshippers, liquidators, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Add to that the thousands of goods that one can choose from and sell. All checked as to its authenticity before they get to be included in the database. And for those who are not into the complex computer world, access to SaleHoo is easy. Just type the category in the search engine for the wholesale directory. The keyword will give you access and interconnect with lists of links that you need.

SaleHoo is concerned about details, and all information listed there gives its members the ultimate ease in finding what they are looking for pertaining to their business. Included in the database are the names of the establishments with their addresses, contact number, and brief description of the company. This directory is updating its product list because suppliers are adding products regularly. Also, the companies are checked regularly whether they still exist or have shut down.

Being subscribed to SaleHoo means other things. It means you get to immerse yourself in the rigours of becoming a better entrepreneur through books created by SaleHoo contributors sharing their expertise about the business. These are given to new members to help them as they start in their business. Subject matters like what to sell. Market guides, shipping, drop shipping and finding suppliers are also included.

The forum at SaleHoo is not just about products and business needs but a good place for newcomers to connect with eBay power sellers and get insights from them too. The lessons they can share and tips will be an important factor to remember and apply to your business as well.

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