Between the rants, ‘decisions’, and salaries of today’s athletes it’s important to reassess companies’ and athletes’ values. Many professional athletes make a lot of money fast, which in their mind can put them above the general public, bringing forth poor decision making and a sense of superiority. It is important for the agencies and companies promoting professional athletes to place an emphasis on high morals, values, and good behavior.

Since professional athletes are such celebrities and role models, the companies and industries bringing them money need to examine their clients’ characters just as much as their abilities. Companies like sports marketing firms, who bring in the money for top athletes, need to consistently implement the importance of their clients acting responsibly.

Not only does examining a professional athlete’s character make for a respectable client, but it will also create a lasting image and good reputation for the brands involved in the endorsement partnership. Sports marketing firms are right in the center of deciding whether an athlete carries the strong and high enough character necessary to do business with. Additionally, the participating brands would like to stick their products’ names on reputable athletes.

In addition to judging an athlete’s character for branding purposes, sports marketing firms must also evaluate the sports stars for charitable opportunities. Since professional athletes have such a powerful influence on the public, they must demonstrate a desire to give back to a cause or their communities. All individuals, including professional athletes, have come from somewhere and gone through or witnessed a disability, need, or injustice.

As such powerful public figures, athletes must work together with sports marketing firms to give back and help those in need. As a focal point in every deal, these firms have the ability to make all sides of the deal win. Such companies have the expertise to merge: giving brands a lasting positive reputation, an athlete an endorsement deal, and most importantly a charity the necessary media attention and funding it needs.

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