There are many ways to do that. The first thing to start from is to make a business plan that include how to expand the activity and what will be the ultimate goal to achieve. A before hand business plan is the key to success because afterwards when the matters will become complex and complicated then it will be too late.

Costume jewelry wholesale business is a very wide opportunity as there are innumerable designs and qualities. Women all over the world wear entirely different kinds of products even in a single society it is very difficult to cover the whole range because of diversity in dresses of women. In a single society at an average more then five types of different dresses are worn by women and in each type of dress there is infinite variety of colour combinations. As this is all about wearing matching jewelry with particular outfit, it becomes very difficult to cover the whole range of colours and designs.

For the growth you have to locate or modify the warehouse in accordance with costume jewelry wholesale products and supplies while keeping in view the transportation aspects. Then you have to specify and target the selected costume jewelry, in order to do so you must have aesthetic sense and complete know how of the trends of women dressing. When all things are set adopt adequate marketing techniques.

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