At first we will be discussing on the topic of color of your wedding ring. Color is very much important factor while choosing a ring. It determines the outer look and beauty of the ring. Color is actually the color of the diamond on what we are now focusing. For ages it was thought that colorless or white diamonds are purest and of high clarity. It is quiet right that any kind of impurity is considered to be the probable reason of the color which is the color of the diamond. This flaw is now very much demanding. Years before everyone wanted a diamond pure and stainless but now the picture has been changed. Young generation and fashion houses are stressing on color factors. The color which can compliment your wedding dress and wedding theme is considered to be the perfect choice. Actually the impurities mixed in the carbon structure are the reasons of the colors of a diamond. Blue, pink and yellow are some common colors which can be found in diamonds of rings. Here we will give some names of colored diamonds. They are pure hope diamond of 200-carat diamond, D stone, E diamonds, F diamonds, G diamonds, H diamonds, I and J diamonds, K and M diamonds. Among these diamonds G-H, I-J, and K-M diamonds are colored. K M diamonds are colored and the color is detectable. As we have said earlier that to some people colored diamonds are impure but for some people colored diamonds are valued much than other. So it is upto you to choose a perfect one, either colored or colorless.

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