The English philosopher, Roger Bacon, one time stated that the “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.” As you embark on a journey towards studying another language, especially if it involves immersion into the culture of its native speakers, you are opening yourself up to the other faces of life. You will learn better the lifestyle of these folks whom you have regarded as strangers in the past. And you will gain a lot more insight and understanding of exactly what Brazilians, for instance, pride themselves in. While you are in Brazil to study, find time to explore the place and the sights which draw visitors to come here.

As you learn Brazilian Portuguese, have a taste of the Portuguese and Bahian dishes to offer a different dining experience. If you are lucky enough or better yet have been smart enough to pick the right program, then you can benefit from having a share of the cross-cultural encounter where you will become a well-rounded person, more experienced and far better ready to take on life’s challenges when you get back home.

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