Certain types of light help us to work better by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters like nitric oxide and cortisol. These are ‘wakeful’ hormones that can help us to feel less tired as we’re working. The best source of light for doing this – perhaps unsurprisingly – is daylight. However, you can create a similar effect using a number of other implements: one particularly effective one being a ‘daylight lamp’ which is a type of light that is designed specifically to mimic the wavelength of the sun, thereby having a similar effect on the brain.


The aim is to create an office that will create a sense of calm focus – not stress. Apart from anything else, studies confirm that we are most creative when we are more relaxed as this allows the mind to wander, thereby making novel connections between disparate ideas.

To encourage this in your office, a number of things have been shown to help. One is to use plants which help the body to feel at ease. Another is to chairs that are able to slightly recline. Also important though, is to get up and walk around from time to time!

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