A lot of us will spend time and energy throughout our day travelling, washing up (despite the last points), calling friends, exercising… many of these are things that you can multitask. For example, why not catch up on correspondence while walking to the shops with a hands-free kit? Or why not answer urgent emails on the train? That way, when you get home, you can save some time and energy for other things.

Shop Online

You can save a lot of energy on shopping by shopping online. This is especially true if you set up standing orders for things like your food shopping – or even deliveries of flowers to people on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions!

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is a real phenomenon that occurs when you waste energy making too many small decisions throughout the day. Small decisions can include things like what to wear, what to eat etc. – and this is famously why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day during his latter years.

You don’t need to go that far! But do think about the stressful decisions and the time-consuming decisions and see if you can cut them back by introducing simple and smart systems to take care of them for you!

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