To make long distance call, the first requirement is the caller should have a Phone Card. This is available in most of the retail shops which a person normally visits. It could be his news paper distribution agency or the grocery shop where he buys items of daily needs, petrol bunk etc. It could even be bought online. It is purchased like purchasing an item of daily need. All that the caller has to do is to select the Card depending on the tariff plan that is suitable to him. If he purchases it online, then he gets the card through email and he has to take the printout of it.

Briefly speaking, this is a prepaid Tariff Plan which operates similar to a Credit Card. The buyer purchases them by paying certain specified amount to the calling company. Along with the card, the caller is assigned a unique number, also called as PIN number. Whenever the caller dials the PIN number, then he is connected to the toll free calling zone. Thereafter the caller has to dial the required numbers like the country code, area code and the number he wants to call.

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