Throughout the year we all have to attend an array of parties and celebrations some of these celebrations have a clear theme such as Christmas or an end of the year sports celebration. Other celebrations however, i.e. birthdays don’t follow an annual theme, in fact the theme is actually up to you to decide with the help of the likes and dislikes of your child.

The theme of kids parties is something that changes every year and every year you will face the challenge of making this party better than the last. Finding the perfect theme for your kid’s party can often be stressful, some years it will be obvious what they want. If however you are unsure it is a good idea to start talking to your child about two or three weeks before their birthday so you can offer some suggestions for a great theme and so you can take on board some of the aspects that your child wants from their party. Together you will be able to find the perfect theme for your kid’s party. So to give you a helping hand below are some great examples of themes for kid’s parties:Safari Theme

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