If you hope to do more and accomplish more in your day, then you need to find something that will give. In other words, you can’t keep introducing more and more activities and without finding ways to cut back on your exertion elsewhere. Otherwise, you will eventually burn out because energy is very much a finite thing.

Sometimes this might mean cancelling an evening class, or it might mean going out a little less with friends. But it doesn’t have to be that way; not if you can find smaller ways to save energy throughout the day.

Here are some great examples…

Get a Washing Machine

Washing dishes is a big waste of energy that most of us don’t have time for. Instead of slaving away over the sink, why not just get a dishwasher and do half the work? While you’re at it, get machine washable pans as well!

There are ways you can make this even easier for yourself too. For example, why not hire a chef or use a home delivery service to deliver healthy meals to your door? It might seem lazy or like a waste of money, but think about what you could be doing with that time instead. Perhaps more time to get in shape, to write the next great American novel, or to be with your family is worth it?

More Cleaning Utilities

As well as a washing machine, you can also save yourself energy doing various other things throughout the day by outsourcing and automating. For example: why not get a robotic vacuum cleaner? This will automatically clean your carpet or flooring while you relax and kick your feet up! Better yet: why not hire a cleaner?

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