Should you Have an Open House.

Times are different now. With the digital age we now live in it makes no sense to me, as a real estate broker owner, to hold an open house. It seems to me there is more to risk than to gain. Some people will talk photos and video clips from small camera or cell phones. With these videos and photos they will either plan a later robbery on your home or sell this data to someone who will.

Also, open houses are not safe anymore. You never know who will show up and what can happen. It seems like every year, there are weird things that happen where somebody, somewhere just freaks out. Whether it be with a gun, or something like the mall incident where teenagers put a toxic product of some sort in the duct work of the mall. I think that an open house just “Opens” you up to all kinds of dangers.

With the real estate part of it alone, it seems to me, based on my experience that if you have a website that has plenty of photos and possible some video, that you do not need an open house. A potential buyer can see all the information they want on the website for your home. And if they like what they see, they can make an appointment with you to view the home. You don’t need a bunch of strangers, run amok children, and looky lous wandering through your home.

Open houses may have been very effective back in the day, but today it is a whole new world in real estate. And you do not need to have an open house to sell your home.

Should You Advertise your FSBO in the local Paper?

If you are Selling your Home yourself and you are on a budget, than I would say don’t advertise in the paper. As a real estate broker owner, I cannot remember one sale in the last 7 years that I got from an ad in the newspaper. I did place ads, because the Seller thought they needed to be there and I did not want to lose the listing. However, my clients came from yard signs and the Internet. I simply wasted thousands upon thousands of dollars on newspaper ads, shiny magazine ads and billboards.

There are many news articles on ad dollars switching from newspaper to the Internet and it is. I read something the other day that said Real Estate is slow right now and that is why the ad dollars are down for newspapers. I don’t believe this. It is my understanding that ad dollars rise when real estate is down because so many people want there property to get noticed.

If over 80% of Buyers are looking for real estate on the Internet than why would you want to be in a localized paper. It has been my experience that a large portion of real estate buyers are looking for a particular property or piece of real estate that feeds their needs. And they are not looking for it in one particular location. So if you have water property for sale than you want your Buyer to find you when they look for water property and not have to drive through your particular real estate marketing area to find what they are looking for. And hey, they may even buy without coming to the property or the town. Though I do not recommend this, I have had it happen.

Local advertising can real eat up your marketing budget and you have no way to know if anyone came to take a look. With internet marketing you can track the number of people who have some sort of interest in your real estate for sale and you can do this for free.

So save your advertising dollars and marketing on the internet for free.

Crystal L. Cox is the Real Estate Broker Owner of [] specializing in marketing property – real estate on the Internet. She is an advocate for Consumer Protection in Real Estate. With the Power of the Internet, You Really do not need a Realtor to Sell your home for you. Sell your home yourself with Internet Marketing. [] and

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