Why become popular at school? You and I both know how much being unpopular sucks. When I was unpopular at school, I was ignored by those I wanted the most, and unappreciated by my teachers and those I admired. It’s like you have to try twice as hard to get the same respect, and somehow, you still finish last.

On the other hand, becoming popular is the ultimate lazy man’s way to automatically having endless dates with above average hot girls — and you have no fear of rejection, because the girls come right to you.  GETIX.ID

The popular people at school all share certain things in common…

The Matchmaker Strategy.

Popular people at school also have more friends that you. So if you want to become more popular in school, you have to make more friends. How do you do this? First, you must become more confident with yourself, people will like you more. Nobody wants to be friends with someone that they can step on.

Next you have to offer value to other people. Here are some of the main things that cool guys in school find valuable: fun, booze (if you’re of age) and access to more girls. Find guys are already popular and offer them one or more of these things… If you run around setting up popular guy more girls, they will LOVE you! (And they will do the same for you eventually)

Make it your mission to connect guys that you want to make friends with to cute girls that they will like. If you put a little effort into this, you will notice that you will become more popular at school.

Being popular in school for me not only meant meeting more girls, but people in general. Obviously, having tons of sex with girls is a plus, but I really wanted a huge social circle. I want to be the man on at my school and I wanted to have something to do every night. I wanted to wake up to 50 unread text messages. Of course, if you want to get to this level, you also have to work on improving yourself.

I’ve found in my research that people who are less popular are fully capable of assuming these same traits, but they actually don’t realize that they prefer not to. Take the stereotypical nerd for example. Most nerds desperately want to be popular, but the one thing they value more than popularity, is being smart (and being seen as smart). Nerds have an unconscious belief that being popular will prevent them from being smart, and they sabotage their own chances at being popular. If you want to become popular at school, you have to untangle these conflicting motivations and start cultivating the traits of a popular person.

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